Lockdown Exended Till 30th April – CM Ashok Gehlot

Lockdown extended till 30th April

On 24th March, 2020 PM Narendra Modi announced lockdown of 21 days i.e. till 14th April. but due to increasing cases of Coronavirus COVID-19, lockdown is extended to 30th April, CM Ashok Gehlot says. He also stated that if any state government officer dies on duty related to Corona “Abhiyan”, government will assist Rs, 50 Lakhs to his dependent or family.

According to the latest reports, 16,79,000 cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 have been registered, from which 1,01,600 people died and 3,73,500 people recovered. Whereas In India more than 200 people died due to Coronavirus and 6761 cases are registered, While 500 people have been cured or discharged, government says. These numbers can increase if people come in contact with each other, The prime thing which government can do to stop the spread is the lockdown, so that everyone stay at home and stay safe !

Many companies, organisations etc are posting this kind of image and tell everyone to be at home. As there is no such specific vaccination or treatment available in the market, which can cure coronavirus affected patients. So staying at home can stop or decrease the number of cases of Coronavirus COVID-19.


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